Large format paintings and their potential.

In July 2014 I participated in a course about “Large format paintings and their potential” at the Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg (Leonardo Art Academy Salzburg). This was one of the elective courses as part of my art study program. It was taught by Prof. Hannes Baier.

We learned about the important rules and foundations for painting large formats. A large format painting has a lot of potential but also a lot of challenges. For example, a large format painting can have several focal points, but they have to be arranged correctly and stand in relationship to each other. Such a painting offers largeness and can be a “world” in itself, where the observer can feel he could walk into it.

The courses lasted longer than other elective courses because they take more time. In this course I painted two large-scale painting on canvas 48 x 40 in, two large but smaller sized paintings on paper in 40 x 27.5 in and in the remaining time one smaller canvas (23.5 x 35 in). Especially with these formats it is not surprising that the pics posted here can hardly convey an accurate impression. You have to see them in real life.

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