Often as I move through my day, trying to navigate the whirlpools of this world, the relational, spiritual and social whitewater, I will often turn to Jesus in my heart and ask, “What do I need to do, Lord?” My question is usually fueled by some twist or turn I don’t know how to handle – some test or trial, some oncoming battle. Life as usual. His response is nearly always, “Love me.”

That’s it? Love you?

That’s it. That is what is most needed.

For when I love God, my whole being is re-oriented, re-aligned, healed. When I love God, the internal effects are almost immediate; they are often profound. I can’t hold onto that grudge, not while I am loving God with “all that is within me.” I can’t covet or worry or fear. When I love God, really, it changes everything.

And this is why he said, start here. This is core. Love me.

~John Eldredge