Fluid Art (2018).

At the end of 2017 I started to learn and experiment with fluid art. After the pouring process I reworked and extended many of these paintings in the following work process.

Fluid Art is currently a fad coming from the USA. It fascinates many hobby artists, because by chance and with little knowledge often wonderful colour creations are the result. 

The results are without question often beautiful and a wonderful decoration for every home. But for me as an artist I have a slightly higher standard. I have left very few paintings the way they were created after pouring the paint. Depending on the result, I have more or less reworked and expanded them. In most cases, I perceive them as artworks only through this reworking process.

The “Fluid Art” or flow technique is a work with the “principle of directed chance”, which I find challenging and fascinating. In a certain way, it is also a dialogue of the artist with the painting by asking the painting or oneself: “What else does the painting need?”

Some paintings are rather abstract, while others depict spiritual themes. 

Almost all paintings in this series have already been sold, only a handful are left. 

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