Overview of Series and Exhibitions.

This page gives you an overview of the different series that have been created over the years. From here you can go to the pages of different series if you want to learn more about them or see all the paintings in the series. Some series were part of an exhibition, some were not. In many cases series and exhibitions overlap only partially.

Below you can see the most important series in chronological order. The newest series is always at the top. The links for further reading will take you to a separate page with a detailed description and photo gallery.

Artforum Einladung Juli2023

2023 – Weak & Strong

The series “Weak & Strong” consists of textured paintings on handmade paper. It was part of a solo exhibition at the gallery artforum Salzburg in the summer of 2023. (Read more)

Einladung zur Ausstellung in der Kollegienkirche Salzburg

2022 – Giving Color to the Saints

The exhibition in the Kollegienkirche Salzburg on the theme “Giving color to the saints” was something very special. The Strasswalchen artist Rudolf Brudl and Jutta Blühberger from Strobl have focused intensively on twelve saints from the collegiate church. For this, the two have painted six paintings each and Jutta Blühberger has written texts about the saints. (Read more)

Aufbruch Ausstellungen 2021/22

2022 – Departure / Upheaval

Under the title “Departure – the way arises in the walking” I showed for the first time a series of material or textured paintings, which I created in the years 2020-2022. This is a technique with which I have been working intensively since 2020. These paintings have in common that they are all based on a structure or textured surface, which I usually make from marble powder. On it I then continue to paint in countless colored glaze layers. (Read more)

Abstrakte Farbspiele

2020 – Abstract Color Plays

After my excursion into the old master glaze painting technique with oil (2019), I studied different types of glaze painting in acrylic. Glaze painting means the application of countless thin layers of paint, which are correspondingly transparent and thus convey great depth. The abstract color plays combine the intuitive approach with controlled chance on which then follows a revision according to artistic criteria. (Read more)

591207 Angst und Schmerz * Fear and Pain

2019 – IM Series

IM stands for Impressions, Intuitive Painting, or “I AM” and gave the IM series its title.

It is a series that has largely emerged from the intuition or the gut. Several paintings therefore have titles like viscera, gut feeling, heart plant, etc. A subgroup deals with the theme of fear in my life. (Read more)

591102 Porto Sonnenuntergang

2019 – Old Master Glaze Painting Technique

This series began during a course at the Leonardo Academy of Art on Old Master Glaze Painting that I attended in 2019. The associated approaches such as underpainting and elevation were highly interesting. After the course, it took me even longer to finish the paintings I started and add more paintings to the series. Due to the long drying times, it took me almost a year to finish the series. (Read more)

Kuchltheater Einladung

2019 – Austrian Lakescapes

The series Austrian lakescapes in spatula technique I started back in 2015 when I was near the Weissensee on cure. With the Weißensee I also connect some childhood memories, especially the Ronacherfelsen.

Soon after my move to Strobl am Wolfgangsee I expanded the series with some paintings around the Wolfgangsee – a view from Ried (which belongs to St. Gilgen), a view from Abersee to the Schafberg and two sunsets as seen from Strobl. Finally, the series included paintings of lakescapes from all over Austria – from east to west – from Lake Neusiedel to Lake Constance. (Read more)

Horizonte Serie

2018 – Horizon Series 1-3

The paintings of the three-part Horizons series were created in 2018-2020. They had in common that the landscape horizon is largely visible. Above all, they conveyed the vastness that I love about lakescapes and seascapes. (Read more)

580114 Anbetungstanz * Worship Dance

2018 – Fluid Art Experiments

At the end of 2017, I began my experiments with the Fluid Art technique. Many of these paintings I have revised and expanded in a subsequent painting process.

Fluid art is a work with the “principle of guided chance”, which I find challenging and fascinating. In a way, it is also a dialogue of the artist with the painting, asking it and oneself, “What more does the painting need?” (Read more)

Lebenswege Einladung1

2016 – WAYs of LIFE

Together with my fellow student, Dr. Wolfgang Steinmaurer, I organized the exhibition LEBENsWEGE at Café Kronberg in early 2016. My own paintings for this exhibition were created between 2012 and 2015. Since we had a lot of wall to cover, the selection of artworks was very diverse and generous. (Read more)


2015 – Graduation Exhibition at Castle Mattsee

In November 2015, the graduation exhibition of my art studies took place at Mattsee Castle. This marked the end of two years of art studies at the Leonardo Kunstakademie Salzburg. At the closing ceremonies, not only were our exam projects exhibited, but also a selection of the best artworks from the past two years. (Read more)

Ausstellung Unterwegs 2015

2015 – On the Way …

This exhibition in 2015 was my first group exhibition. It took place at the Nöfa Gallery in Wels. The other artists were Marten Berger, Bernd Friedmann, Judith Lanz, Anna Mayer, Jochen Mayer, Solomon Okpurukhre, Beate Riepl and Fritz Wolf. Our theme was “On the way …” and my sub-theme was “On the way with Immanuel”. (Read more)

Einladung Vernissage 2014 - Tanz der Bäume

2014 – Dance of Trees

The theme “Dance of the trees – stationary and yet moving” was the theme of my exhibitions in 2014.

It was a tribute to our fellow creatures the trees. With a variety of styles (realism to surrealism) and techniques (watercolors, acrylic, gouache, tempera, pastel) I showed the world of trees from my point of view, emphasizing their liveliness, despite their static being. My goal was to show trees in different stages of movement. Also, it was a combination of two strands in my life – my love for dance, and my love for trees. (Read more)

Einladung In 30 Bildern um die Erde

2013 – Watercolor Landscapes

The 2013 exhibition entitled “In 30 paintings around the world” showed mostly watercolor landscapes in the format 30×40 cm (12 x 16 in) from China to Hawaii. Here you can see the 30 paintings together with all the other watercolor landscapes that were created before and after. (Read more)

Vernissage 2011 Einladung: Bilder aus 3 Welten

2011 – Paintings from three Worlds

The 2011 exhibition gave me a first opportunity to present many paintings from my first 13 years as a painter. It was entitled “Paintings from three worlds – African, European, spiritual in watercolor and pastel”. It was my first solo exhibition and was opened by a vernissage.

In keeping with the title, the exhibition had three sections on three walls of the Evangeliumgemeinde in Quellenstraße in Vienna – paintings from Africa, paintings from Europe, and paintings with a spiritual theme. (Read more)

Die Ersten Jahre

1998 to 2004 – The first Years

It was the year 1998 when my inner artist awoke again. I finally found an opportunity to use my grandfather’s paint box and attended a weekend course near Siegen.

From then on I often and gladly painted watercolors whenever I had the opportunity. However, my work and the associated travels did not make it easy for me to have enough time and space or to always have the appropriate material at hand. (Read more)