Horizon Series 1 (2018).

The paintings of the three-part Horizon series were created in the years 2018-2020. They had in common that the landscape horizon was largely visible. They conveyed the vastness that I love in lake and seascapes so much.

The paintings in the original Horizon series #1 were created in 2018 and I painted all of them using the cold wax technique with pigments on high-quality watercolor paper from Hahnemühle. They all had the same size – 56 x 42 cm (22 x 16,5 in). This series was also the content of the Fine Art Calendar 2019.

Horizon Series 2 (2018/2019).

After that, a second Horizon Series followed, but it was not as uniform in size and technique and therefore can be seen in a separate photo gallery. 

It was created in the years 2018/19. This included, for example, many cloud atmospheres and rather abstract horizons. This series includes paintings in different sizes and substrates. A whole series of small-format paintings were painted by me on painting boards.

Horizon Series 3 (2020).

A third series, almost exclusively abstract, followed in 2020, created largely with watercolor or gouache glazes on HDF boards.

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