Color Plays (2021).

In spring of 2021 an unexpected opportunity arose – under the title “Lakescapes and color plays” I was able to exhibit paintings in the Seehotel Brandauer in Strobl. They still decorate the connecting corridor between the two villas of the Seehotel Brandauer.

The exhibited paintings are a selection from three series of recent years.

Austrian lakescapes in acrylic spatula technique (2015-2019).

As the Ischler Woche 2019 titled its article – the love of water has led me to Strobl. Childhood memories of the Weißensee and a spa stay in Carinthia were the trigger for this series in acrylic spatula technique. Since my move to Strobl, I have supplemented it with motifs from the Salzkammergut.

IM series in acrylic ink and watercolor (2019)

IM stands for Impressions, Intuitive Painting, or “I AM” (I am). It is a series created from intuition or the gut. Several paintings therefore have titles such as gut feeling, heart plant, etc. A sub-group deals with the theme of fear in my life. Most of the works were painted on Guardi watercolor paper measuring 50 x 64 cm in portrait format. Very many of them I painted with acrylic ink, which is particularly suitable for this intuitive style.

Abstract color plays in acrylic glaze painting technique (2020)

After an excursion into the old master glaze painting technique with oil (2019), I tried different types of glaze painting in acrylic. Glaze painting means the application of countless thin layers of paint, which are correspondingly transparent and thus convey great depth. The abstract color play combine the intuitive approach with controlled chance on which then follows a revision according to artistic criteria.

Photo Gallery of Abstract Color Plays

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