Departure (2020-2022).

Under the title “Departure – the way arises in the walking” I showed for the first time a series of material or textured paintings, which I created in the years 2020-2022. This is a technique with which I have been working intensively since 2020. The exhibition took place at the Gallery artforum Salzburg

My focus on painting with pigments led me in the fall of 2020 to the occupation with material or textured paintings. I took a course with Gabriele Musebrink, who is particularly knowledgeable in this area and also works a lot with pigments and cold wax. Individual teaching units were also provided by specialists from the Kremer company, where I usually obtain my pigments. 

In the beginning, I was really only interested in the use of pigments and wax. The structures were rather secondary for me. Only over time was I able to make friends with the textures. And now they are indispensable in my artistic work.

Some of the paintings were presented in the fall of 2021 at the group exhibition of “Creative Diversity” at the Kunsthaus Deutschvilla in Strobl.

The German word “Aufbruch” can be translated as both Departure and Upheaval. It was a departure into a new terrain. At the same time these textured paintings showed a lot of Upheaval due to the different textures.


Material or textured paintings

In the exhibitions 2021/22 I presented paintings from the latest series of material or textured paintings, a technique with which I have been working intensively since the fall of 2020. These paintings have in common that they are all based on a structure, which I usually make from marble powder. On it I then continue to paint in countless colored glaze layers. The second common factor is that I make all the paints from pigments myself. For this I use various binders, such as casein, (egg) tempera, oil and wax medium.

The marble powder structure develops many fractures and cracks in the drying phase, to which I then respond artistically and intuitively. Hence the title “departure.” I cannot influence or control this development. Basically, it is about thematizing the structures and colors themselves. Depending on the thickness of the structural mass and the choice of binders, different sizes of unevenness and fissures are created. These fissures are what make these paintings so beautiful and fascinating.

In between the various material and color APPLICATIONS, I keep making different material and color REMOVALS, creating special effects. Sometimes the painting develops in a completely new and unexpected direction.

The intuitive approach allows the viewer many different interpretations. The titles of the paintings indicate only one of many possible interpretations. Viewers are invited to engage with the paintings and let their imagination and fantasy run wild.

Photo Gallery “Departure”

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