Relational circuits

Relational circuits. This week's revised Belonging class of the Life Model taught by Dr. Jim Wilder was again very insightful. The topic was Relational Circuits. These are things in our brain that can be on or off (or degrees of... Weiterlesen

Language of the heart

Over the last week I pondered what theme I should choose for the worship in our English speaking service this evening. Several songs that the Lord brought to my mind had a similar topic - God as our refuge in... Weiterlesen

What is normal?

I am reading in 2 Corinthians at the moment. There are all kinds of things that speak to me and seem to be relevant to my situation. Possibly the most important insight happened this week, when I meditated on 2... Weiterlesen

God speaks through pain

When I wrote the last entry, I was reminded of a quote that has become very important to me about 10 years ago. Since then I have often quoted it and reflected upon it. "a significant question, that one of... Weiterlesen


We all need security. Some of us more than others. In a talk with a colleague last week I realized how much I am struggling with my present insecurity, incertitude, lack of clarity about the future. I have a hard... Weiterlesen

God is at work

For quite some time I wanted to give you an update but could not find the energy to do it. God is at work for which I am truly thankful. Two weeks ago we had our annual women’s retreat and... Weiterlesen