Talitha Cumi – Resurrected to New Life – Cold Wax Painting

Paralyzed with fear, a person is sitting in the cave. The path passes an abyss. The fear of falling into the abyss keeps her from reaching the summit and flourish. Does this sound familiar?

550212  Angsthöhle * Fear Cave

For everyone there is something else that paralyzes us and discourages us from reaching a goal: Fear of failure? Fear of ridicule? Fear of great responsibility? Fear of not being good enough? Fear of being excluded ? Fear of loneliness? Afraid of what others think of me?

God showed me this picture of my femininity huddled together, paralyze by fear, shriveled and half dead sitting in the dark cave. The abyss is called “false femininity” – women whose lives consists of pink ruffles and drinking tea from delicate china cups with outstretched little fingers. Out of fear of falling into these stereotypes, I did not dare to walk the path to flourishing as a woman.

Jesus called “Talitha cumi!” and resurrected me and my femininity to new life. I could only marvel at how many things automatically changed in the months following. They were an expression of my healing and the new life of femininity Jesus had called me to.


Taking her by the hand he said to her, “Talitha cumi,”
which means, “Little girl, I say to you, arise.” Mk 5:41