Video: Exhibition Graz-Eggenberg

Last week my exhibition in Graz-Eggenberg, (Styria, Austria) “Dance of the Trees – unmovable and yet moved” was opened by a ‘Vernissage’ (private viewing). The following is a short video clip with impressions from the opening, mostly taken before the start of the program.

Vernissage Graz-Eggenberg from Faith Dance on Vimeo.

On Thursday, November 13, 2014, the exhibition of my paintings “Dance of the Trees – unmovable and yet moved” was opened with a Vernissage (private viewing). During this evening, which had been organized by the Protestant Women’s Association under the leadership of Johanna Liebeg, Ulrike Stroh read from her own books and Kordelia Haberkorn-Kaduku provided the musical background on the barock organ of the church.

The paintings, poetry and music were complementing each other beautifully. Even though we had not consulted each other, there was great harmony. The approx. 35-40 visitors had a great time and enjoyed many good conversations after the official program. A tasty buffet contributed to our physical well-being. It was an all in all felicitous evening.

Exhibition Graz-Eggenberg

The exhibition is open until November 28, 2014.
Opening times; Mo-Fr 8-12 am, Tu 3-6 pm,Su 8-11 am

Addresse: Evangelische Kirche Graz-Eggenberg, Burenstraße 9, 8020 Graz, Austria