Events 2024.

Like last year, I would like to give you an overview of the events in 2024 in which I will be involved. I will keep adding to the article as soon as I receive additional information. The first exhibition will open soon.

Berchtoldvilla Salzburg – Diversity

The Berchtoldvilla Salzburg opens this year’s round of exhibitions. The three-part exhibition will open with a vernissage (opening) on March 8.

Einladung Berchtoldvilla -Vielfalt-Seite1

First floor: LIFE – artist duo FRAMONA
Top floor: QUINTESSENZ – open studio

Twelve new members of art bv Berchtoldvilla are exhibiting on the second floor: Jutta Blühberger, Gernot Dick, Alfred Eggensperger, Constanze Gugg, Monika Hajduk, Johanna Hartung, Marianne Hirschbichler, Franz Hofer-Langwies, Elisabeth Krenner, Eva Pötzelsberger, Andrea-Maria reiser, Ursula-Diana Wuger.

In addition, five artists will be working on the top floor for six weeks: Eva Baker, Renate Lukasser, Maria Anna Mahr, Andrea Maria Reiser, Monika Maria Weiss.

Vernissage: Friday, March 8, 2024, at 7:00 pm

Location: art bv Berchtoldvilla, Josef-Preis-Allee 12, Salzburg

Exhibition duration: March 9, 2024 – April 18, 2024

Curators: Gabriele Arnezeder-Windtner, Eva Pötzelsberger

Einladung Berchtoldvilla -Vielfalt-Seite2

Kulturhaus St. Gilgen – The Colors of Poetry

The exhibition of the artist group 22/44 in St. Gilgen, entitled “The Colors of Poetry”, begins immediately afterwards. The exhibition opens on Saturday, April 20, 2024 at 7 pm and runs until May 20, 2024.

Location: Kulturhaus St. Gilgen, Aberseestraße 11, 5340 St. Gilgen

Exhibition duration: April 20 – May 20, 2024

Opening Times: every Saturday, Sunday, Bank Holiday from 2 pm – 6 pm.

630101 Silbermond * Silver Moon

Berchtoldvilla Salzburg – Not all that glitters is gold

In July and August, another exhibition will take place at the Berchtoldvilla Salzburg. The exhibition, under the direction of curators Elisabeth Schickmayr and Barbara Amann, is all about precious and shiny metals. It will include my one and only ever made Icon.

Vernissage: July 5, 2024 at 7:00 pm

Location: art bv Berchtoldvilla, Josef-Preis-Allee 12, Salzburg

Exhibition duration: July 6 – August 14, 2024

571101 Emmaus Ikone * Icon

Deutschvilla Strobl – Of Angels and Devils

As part of the Deutschvilla’s summer exhibition, which this time takes place in the Deutschvilla and the Deutschvilla Park around it, photos of my pilgrimages on the Way of St. James will be on display.

Exhibition duration: July 12 – September 22, 2024

Location: Deutschvilla, Eva Mazzucco Straße 7, 5350 Strobl

Servitenkirche Vienna – Giving color to the saints

The paintings that were on display in the Kollegienkirche Salzburg in October/November 2022 are now coming to Vienna. Rudolf Brudl and I will be exhibiting the paintings in the Servite Church this fall.

The date of the opening has not yet been set. It will probably take place around October 11/12, 2024. The exhibition is expected to be on display until November 16/17.

Location: Servitenkloster 1st floor, Rossau parish, Servitengasse 9, 1090 Vienna

Exhibition Duration: October 11 – November 17, 2024

Einladung Kollegienkirche 2022

Further events planned for 2024

As always, there are other events that are already being planned but for which various aspects are still pending. Therefore I don’t want to get ahead of the curators, so I’m not announcing any details yet.

I will be happy to keep you up to date. If you are interested in these events, please let me know your name and e-mail address via the contact form.

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