Exhibition COLOR-PLAY * Game of Colors.

The new year begins with a game of colors. An exhibition called “COLOR-PLAY * Game of Colors” at the Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg presents us with a colorful start to the new year.

The curator team of Renate Lukasser, Monika Maria Weiß and Ursula-Diana Wuger gathered over 20 artists for this exhibition and I am one of them. They write about the theme of the exhibition:

Colors are capable of expressing moods and emotions; they trigger sympathies-antipathies; they have a magnifying-diminishing, oppressive-relaxing effect. Colors have the gift to manipulate the viewer through sensory impressions and to influence his reactions and decisions. Lightness and transparency in the play of colors, delicate pastel tones meet strong color components on the artist’s palette; intuitively or purposefully, accents are set with the colors on the painting surface.

Renate Lukasser, Monika Maria Weiß, Ursula-Diana Wuger

The opening will take place on Friday 13 January 2023 at 7 pm.

Welcome Speech: Barbara Kubitschek-Bulian, Vice President art bv Berchtoldvilla

Guest speaker: Bgm. deputy Bernhard Auinger

You are cordially invited! The exhibition will take place at the Berchtoldvilla in Salzburg: Josef-Preis-Allee 12, 5020 Salzburg, and runs until February 23, 2023.

Einladung zur Ausstellung Farben-Spiel
Poster Color-Play

Artists participating in COLOR-PLAY:

Christine Ambrusch, Edith Argauer, Gabriele Arnezeder-Windtner, Eva Baker, Gisela Birkenthal, Jutta Blühberger, Gabrielle Helmke-Becker, Gerlinde Hochmair, Renate Kammauf, Gerlinde Kosina, Karin Lässer, Johannes Lehner, Renate Lukasser, Anke Neubacher, Eva Pötzelsberger, Karoline Schodterer, Christa Scholtissek, Monika Maria Weiß, Franz Wolf, Ursula-Diana Wuger, Ulrike Wurzer, Rauthgundis Zieser

My Contribution to the exhibition:

My contribution to exhibition Farben-Spiel are five paintings from the series “Abstract Color Plays” which I painted in the first Lockdown 2020.