Jeedermaann*innen at Artforum Salzburg.

At the spontaneously created exhibition Jeedermaann*innen, art for every budget is available for purchase. Fourteen members of the association artforum Salzburg are participating.

An art-spontaneous-sale: not only for the “rich man”, but for Buhlschaft, death and devil, bondsman and mammon.

This sales exhibition at the artforum Salzburg gallery will open on Friday, August 18, 2023 at 7 pm. It runs until September 9, 2023. The gallery is open during the usual opening hours: Friday evenings (6-8pm) and Saturday at noon (11am-1pm).

Art for every budget

First come, first served! Because everyone can take the purchased artworks home with them immediately.

The artworks I offer are residuals from 2018/2019, and I offer them on this occasion at extremely low prices. These are paintings from the Fluid Art Experiments and the Horizons series, which have not yet found a new home. Take advantage of this opportunity!