Rupertinum Poetic Impressions – Anna Boghiguian.

Exhibition at the Rupertinum, Museum der Moderne, Salzburg with the Egyptian-Canadian artist of Armenian origin Anna Boghiguian. The exhibition runs until 11.11.2018. 

Poetic impressions

Born in Cairo
Parents with Armenian roots
Canadian Passport
Enthusiasm for India
Intercultural per se

– A fascinating mix.


Sailcloths over three floors
Sailcloths over three floors

Sailcloths over three floors
Salt-focused map
Held in place with stones
Metal Birds
Circle the ship

– Creepy symbiosis.


Fascination with Indian Trains
Observation of a microcosm
Whether train or post office
Alexandria or Bodhgaya
In sketchbooks

– Captured with brush and pencil.

Artist sketchbooks
Artist sketchbooks


Walk into the unconscious
Indian paper cuts
Ghostly Procession
Nietzsche before his death
Accompanied by dramatic music

– Depressing! Just get out of here!


Room-filling installations
Rough World of Power
Salt trade
From India to Europe
Not without slaves

– Just then? Just there? *


Illusion of a beach
Illusion of a beach

Illusion of a beach
Broken ship parts
Rock samples of all kinds
Red Powder

– And salt, salt, salt…


Your studio with a personal touch
Imported from Egypt
Woodturned mirror chest of drawers
Family photos – ancient and yellowed
Pigments** and Beeswax

– something we have in common.

Jutta Blühberger (2018)

Exhibition at the Rupertinum of Anna Boghiguian

Anna Boghiguian, Egyptian-Canadian artist and daughter of an Armenian watchmaker, studied political science and art at the American University in Cairo in the 1960s. In the early 1970s, she moved to Canada, where she began studying art and music at Concordia University in Montreal. Boghiguian received great international attention for the first time at documenta 13 in Kassel in 2012 and for her contribution to the Armenian Pavilion at the 56th Biennale di Venezia 2015, which was awarded the Golden Lion. The exhibition at the Museum der Moderne Salzburg shows spectacular installations such as The Salt Traders (2015), a room-filling installation with sails, collages, salt stones and sand, created on the occasion of the 15th Istanbul Biennale (2015). In the installation A Play to Play (2013), Boghiguian expresses his pronounced interest in literature, poetry, and philosophy, in particular in the Indian artist and Nobel Prize winner Rabindranath Tagore (1861-1941) and the Greek poet Constantine Cavafy (1863-1933). Also on display is Promenade dans l’inconscient (A walk into the unconscious, 2016), a procession of paper-cut figures. In it, the artist examines the circumstances surrounding the founding of the French city of Nîmes as a colony of the Roman Empire and provides references to the works of Max Beckmann and his criticism of the Weimar Republic. As a further highlight, her artist books, which have been produced since the 1980s, and her most recent series of collages An Incident in the Life of a Philosopher (2017), in which the artist addresses a historical event in the life of Friedrich Nietzsche in Turin. An installation created by Anna Boghiguian especially for the Rupertinum Atrium, consisting of a huge sail, will remain for an entire year.

(Excerpt from the press release) 

Exhibition visit at the International Summer Academy with Sabine B. Vogel. This is the first of a series for the workshop “Art in the Blog“. 

*) Astonishing parallels to the salt trade of the Bistum Salzburg

**) Kremer pigments – do they exist also in Egypt?