Two more weeks of Colorfield Performance 2021.

At the end of June, I participated in the Colorfield Performance 2021 in Elst, Netherlands. From mid-April to the end of August, over 500 artists from more than 20 countries painted on wooden panels, which are now on display until October 3, 2021. And so now the phenomenal land art project is complete.

Here’s what it looks like from the air:

The Colorfield Performance 2021
The Colorfield Performance 2021 from the air, © Rene Verhoeven

Translation of the introduction text from the Colorfield Performance website:

Park Lingezegen – Elst
Landscape park between Arnhem and Nijmegen

The Colorfield Performance is becoming more and more a concept in the visual arts. It is a large land art project in which monumental designer and artist Dirk Hakze collaborates with other artists. The idea behind it is that from a common concept the individual contributions flow together into a large colorful unit. In this way, large works of art can be created that have a powerful effect in the landscape.

Address: Park Lingezegen – Elst, Netherlands.

Directions (in Dutch):


My Colorfield Performance 2021 painting

My performance day was June 24, 2021. It all involved a considerable amount of time and effort. My journey by car took 2 days each way. For the stay itself I had planned 3 days and that was good. 

The special challenge was also to finish the painting within one day. I had not done that for a long time. Also, I have not used acrylic paint for a long time. That’s why I took a week before to prepare by painting several paintings in acrylic and finish them as far as possible in one day. The size and substrate were also quite a challenge. They are wooden panels in the size 122 x 122 cm. They were already pre-primed with gesso. Nevertheless, it was a very unfamiliar feeling and I needed more time until enough paint adhered to the surface.

As the motif I have chosen the skyline of Wolfgangsee. It is the view from Strobl in the direction of Sankt Gilgen. In a way, a little advertising for the Salzkammergut and the Wolfgangsee. Unlike the paintings in my current series, I painted this painting in acrylic palette knife technique. And this is what the result looked like: 

Wolfgangsee Skyline
Wolfgangsee Skyline

Exhibition duration and special price

Now you can visit the project until the beginning of October in the Netherlands. That is still two weeks opportunity to see the Colorfield Performance in its entirety and to buy paintings. The organizer Dirk Hakze is authorized to sell my painting at the special price of 1200 Euro. Considering the time and effort involved, this is a very low price and I can only offer it until October 3, 2021.