Painting techniques of Impressionism & Expressionism

Another elective seminar of my art study program, which I had eagerly anticipated, took place in mid-February 2015. The topic was painting techniques of Impressionism and Expressionism and it was taught by Prof. Hannes Baier.

As usual, we first dived into the theoretical foundations of the topic, before moving on to the practical part. Since we had treated both movements during the compulsory courses of the study program, it was for me more a matter of deepening my understanding and implementing it.

I first worked on two paintings in an impressionistic style, before focusing on painting expressively. The later seemed to come to me more easily, even though I find both very appealing. You will probably see both reflected in my future paintings.

I especially like how the two paintings of Old Vienna reflect the difference between Impressionism and Expressionism.

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