Weak & Strong (2023).

The series “Weak & Strong” is a further development from the first two series with structural images – Departure (2022) and Giving Color to the Saints (2022). It also provided the theme for my solo exhibition “Weak & Strong” in July and August 2023 in the Gallery artforum Salzburg.

The paintings of the series “Schwach & Stark” (Weak & Strong) have in common that they have handmade papers as a base. As with the other paintings of recent years, the first thing that comes on the substrate are various textured masses, for example, marble powder, adhesive plaster gypsum, swamp lime, etc.. On top of this come various layers of paints, which, as always, I make myself from pigments with various binders (casein, tempera, oil, …). Often they are used in combination with inks, stains and wax.

The title “Weak & Strong” has its origin in the amazing strength of handmade papers from Asia, which in contrast collapse powerlessly when wet. At the same time, it thematizes my engagement with the human striving for perfection, perfectionism and the beauty that reveals itself precisely not in perfection but in imperfection. And perhaps it has subliminally to do with my own experience of aging.

The paintings in this series are characterized by the following factors.

  • The handmade papers from Asia that I use as substrates in this series have amazing strength, but when wet they are weak and collapse powerlessly.
  • The textured structure made with marble flour and the like have a lot of imperfection in them because they develop fractures and cracks in the drying process. For me, they are an expression of human imperfection and limitation. I then respond to these artistically and appreciatively.
  • The colors that I myself prepare from pigments and apply in countless glazes on the structures are, despite their imperfection, an expression of beauty and perfection.
  • Process painting, fed from the subconscious, often produces amazing results. Many times I can only recognize the statement of a painting when it is finished and I let it speak to me.

Photo Gallery

The following photo album gives you a small glimpse into the series “Weak & Strong”. Since this kind of painting with marble flour structures and the like is relatively haptic and three-dimensional, photos of the artworks can provide only a small foretaste.

I have also posted many images of these paintings on Instagram, where you can see them with and without frames. There are also short videos (reel) of most of the artworks. They make the details of the three-dimensional works more visible. If you don’t use Instagram, you can also watch these short videos (shorts) on YouTube.

In addition, you can find them on my page on Artmajeur, where you can see even more photos and details on how to buy the image, an art print or a licence.

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